On Wednesday October 8th, Pre-Symposium period, we have scheduled an optional one-day tour to La Alhambra and Granada for all attendees and accompanying guest who wish to book for it. The fee for this optional activity is 100 € per person, and it includes bus ride (round trip), admission ticket and a guided visit  to “La Alhambra”,  lunch, and a quick visit to the historical centre of Granada (Carrera del Darro, Plaza Nueva, Alcaicería and Cathedral). 

Carrera del Darro

The departure will be at 6:40 am from Hotel AC Córdoba, and the return, about 20:30-21:00 hours.

Watercolour by Nadia Semerozum (AAA)

Alhambra means “red fortress” in arabic, and it is a complex of palaces and fortifications located on top of the Medina hill, It was the court of the Nasrid kingdom of Granada until 1492, and since 1984, it is a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The guided visit (in English and in Spanish) takes about 2,30-3 hours.

Plaza Nueva


 Alcaicería (Handcraft market)

There still remain 7 free seats in the bus. Attendees who wish to book for this optional tour, please contact as soon as possible with the Organizing Committee:

More information about La Alhambra:

Watercolours of Granada and La Alhambra:


For last-minute applications, the Organizing Committee has habilitated a special registration period for the International Watercolour Symposium until September 22th, 2014.

Due to logistic reasons, bookings for the “NOCTURNAL VISIT TO THE MOSQUE-CATHEDRAL” and for the “ONE-DAY TOUR TO ALHAMBRA-GRANADA” must be received before September 8th, 2014.

We briefly remind the ON-LINE registration procedure:

A.- Fill in the electronic registration application form (one per person, whether artist or accompanying guest). The application form may be directly accessed at the following URL address:

B. – E-mail your bank transfer voucher (amount to be paid depending on your chosen registration modality and optional activities) to the Organizing Committee:

Bank account data:

Beneficiary customer:
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Bank name: CAIXABANK, S.A.
·        Main branch: Avda. Diagonal 621-629, 08028 Barcelona, SPAIN.

Account number: 2100-2117-21-0200336782

Concept of payment:

IBAN (electronic): ES24 2100 2117 2102 00336782

IBAN (paper): IBAN ES24 2100 2117 2102 00336782


Symposium attendees will receive an OFFICIAL CONFIRMATION E-MAIL at their personal electronic mail address after registration.

Please, feel free to contact the Symposium Organizing Committee through:


This is the elected watercolour for the “Córdoba 2014” International Watercolour Festival corporative image. Its author is María José Cabrera Cruz, member of the Agrupación de Acuarelistas de Andalucía (AAA) from Sevilla, and it was selected by the members of the AAA among other 15 artwork candidates.

Its represents part of the “soul” of Córdoba: the Arabic arcades of the Mosque-Cathedral and the “Fiesta de los Patios” (Courtyards Festival, which takes place every May).

With the “Cordoba, European Capital of Watercolour 2014” logo, designed by Antonio Cosano“, and the Symposium” logo, designed by Curro Sújar, and the  (both from Córdoba and also members of the AAA),

they will constitute the three basic elements for the poster of the “Córdoba 2014 International Watercolour Festival”, for the cover of International Exhibition official catalogue and for the banners that will embellish Córdoba next October 


Due to technical and space reasons, finally the 17th ECWS International Watercolour Exhibition moves definitely from “Sala de Orive” to “Casa de Góngora”.

Location of "Casa de Góngora"

Arco "El Portillo"

This expositive space is located in the Calle Cabezas number 3, in the historical center of the town, near the “Arco del Portillo” and 5 minutes walking from both the Palacio de Orive (the Official Venue for the Symposium) and the Mosque-Cathedral.

Main facade

"Casa de Góngora" is a XVII century historical building constructed around an arcaded courtyard and five exhibition halls on two levels. It is less spectacular than Sala Orive, but has a grater surface to harbour the nearly 150 artworks of the International Exhibition

Central courtyard

One of the five exhibition halls


Córdoba has not an international airport, but it is well connected to the international airports of Madrid (420 kms), Málaga (160 kms) and Sevilla (142 kms). You can get to Córdoba by train, by bus or by car. 

Córdoba Railway Station (Córdoba Central)

                                     Córdoba Bus Station (near the railway station)

The most useful website (in Spanish, English, French, German and Italian) is:

There you may find direct links to train and buses information from Madrid, Málaga, Sevilla and other main Spanish cities to Córdoba. 

By train, AVE (high speed train) is the best option, but it may be expensive. Other types of trains (ALVIA, ALTARIA, AVANT…) are cheaper but less frequent.

By train, AVE (high speed train) is the best option, but it may be expensive. Other types of trains (ALVIA, ALTARIA, AVANT…) are cheaper but less frequent.

You may consult train timetables on the RENFE (the Spanish Railway Company) website, in Spanish, English and French:

However, here are some useful facts:

From Málaga to Córdoba (160 kms)

By train (Málaga-Maria Zambrano Station):
·         Duration of the trip: 40 minutes – 1 hour.
·         Price by trip: 24,70€ - 69,40€.

By bus (Málaga Bus Station)
·         Duration of the trip: 2 hours 25 minutes – 3 hours.
·         Price by trip (minimun): 14,90€.
·         Bus company: ALSA.

From Sevilla to Córdoba (160 kms)

By train (Sevilla-Santa Justa):
·         Duration of the trip: 40 minutes – 1 hour.
·         Price by trip: 13,05€ - 31,40€..

By bus (Sevilla-Plaza de Armas Bus Station)
·         Duration of the trip: 1 hours 45 minutes – 2 hours.
·         Price by trip (minimun): 12€.
·         Bus company: ALSA.

From Madrid to Córdoba (420 kms)

By train (Madrid-Puerta de Atocha):
·         Duration of the trip: 1 hour 40 minutes – 2 hours 10 minutes.
·         Price by trip: 54.70€-69.70€

By bus (Madrid Sur Bus Station)
·         Duration of the trip: 4 hours 30 minutes – 5 hours.
·         Price by trip (minimun): 16€.
·         Bus company: SOCIOBUS
·         Website: